• One of the important activities of the Clearinghouse was to facilitate participation of suitable officer in International symposiums/ seminars to have a firsthand experience on international development being carried out in this new technology area. Accordingly, it was thought prudent that a team of suitable officers may be sent to attend the US Coal Mine Methane Conference, which was held in the year 2009, 2010 & 2011. The details are as under:

  • One official from CMPDI participated in “US Coal Mine Methane Conference, October 2009,” in Boulder, Colorado under Clearinghouse funding.
  • A team under the leadership of Director (T/RD&T) and other official of CIL participated in the “US Coal Mine Methane Conference, 5-7 October, 2010”, in Alabama and subsequent visit to CMM/VAM project sites under India CBM/CMM Clearinghouse funding:
  • A team of 2 officials participated in the “US Coal Mine Methane Conference, 18-20 October 2011”, in Utah and subsequent site visit under India CBM/CMM Clearinghouse funding.
  • For capacity building of the persons associated with the Clearinghouse, visit to operating site of CBM/CMM/VAM etc. in US was organized which was partly funded/ facilitated by US EPA/ Clearinghouse and with funds from CIL. These visits were of great help as far as capacity building of the Indian team is concerned.
  • 9 officials from CMPDI, BCCL and CCL in two batches visited operational CBM/CMM sites of USA for training & capacity building of CIL during June-July’2010 and October-November’2010.
  • New Delhi Expo 2010

Under the aegis of US EPA, Global Methane Initiative (GMI), erstwhile Methane to Markets (M2M), an Expo was organized in New Delhi in 2010. The Expo was attended by over 800 representatives of the country and two working models of CBM drilling and extraction technology were displayed in the stall of CIL. The working models attracted attention and appreciation of the visitors. The working models are now put in the office of Clearinghouse and are often used to demonstrate the visitors about the technology associated with the CBM extraction and development.

  • Vancouver Expo 2013

Methane Expo- 2013 held at Vancouver, Canada 12th to 15th March 2013 organized by Global Methane Initiative (GMI) provided a platform to showcase the accomplishments made in the field of mitigation and gainful utilization of methane. A high power delegation comprising officials of MoC and CMPDI participated in the EXPO. Sri D.N. Prasad, Advisor (Projects), MoC represented India in the Steering committee and Sri A.K. Debnath, CMD, CMPDI Co-Chaired the Coal sub-committee meeting.

Over 450 delegates from 41 participating countries and other organizations attended the Expo.

The accomplishments of India in the field of CBM/CMM and the opportunities existing in the field were put in the India booth for display which attracted several visitors.

Mr. D.N. Prasad, Adviser (Projects), MoC presented an overview of the activities taken by Govt. of India in the steering committee meeting. The Coal Sub Committee meeting was co-chaired by Sri A.K. Debnath, CMD, CMPDI along with Ms Felicia Ruiz of USEPA and Mr. Huang Senghchu of China wherein Mr Debnath stressed the need for quick implementation of CMM projects and requested the member countries to facilitate the technology transfer and explained the steps taken by India in mitigating the CMM in Indian coal sector. A presentation was also made in the meeting by Sri RK Chopra, Director (T/RD&T), CMPDI on the overview of development of CMM in India with a special reference to steps taken to sort out the issues related to operationalization of CMM projects.

In the policy session of coal sub-committee meeting, a presentation was made by GM (CBM), CMPDI regarding challenges and opportunities existing in the field of development of CMM in India.