Future Prospective

The CMM/CBM clearinghouse during the extended term will

  • Focus towards the promotion of commercial development of CMM/VAM in India. It will pursue issues related with ownership/ operational/legal-regulatory aspect of commercial development of CMM with MOC and MOPNG and technical support to the Ministry of Coal for solving these issues.
  • Organize International Seminar/Technical workshop in India on exploring the existing opportunities in commercial development of CMM and VAM in India.
  • Focus on capacity building of CMPDI personnel associated with clearinghouse, technical training program in US/any other country for learning the latest technical development in the field of CMM and VAM industry and enhance international exchange and cooperation in the field of CBM/CMM/VAM development to enrich the clearinghouse.
  • Organize in-house training and workshop for dissemination of information, capacity building of CIL, officials of government/ industries and other stakeholders involved in CMM development.

Other basic activities of the India CMM/CBM clearinghouse will continue to be towards:

  • Dissemination of technical information
  • Quarterly publication of news letter
  • Technical and administrative guidance to the clients/stakeholder